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Uyolo is pitching to win the Social Startup Competition!

On September 22nd, Uyolo will pitch to win the Social Startup Competition organized by the Web Marketing Festival at San Patrignano, Rimini.

Uyolo was selected among more than 100 startups as one of the 4 finalists of the Social Startup Competition, which will take place as part of the event Digital4NonProfits.

Who are the other finalists?

Uyolo will compete against three inspiring projects:

KnowAndBelive, a project for breast cancer prevention;

SoLunch, a platform to allow workers to have lunch at (someone else's) home;

YouKoala, an app to help families save money on, and share, babies' clothes.

The Community of San Patrignano

We could not be more grateful to be granted this chance, as well as to get to know the Community of San Patrignano which is kindly hosting the event.

San Patrignano is a community for life that welcomes those suffering from drug addiction and marginalization and helps them to once again find their way thanks to a rehabilitation programme that is above all, a programme based on love. It is free, because love is a gift.

It offers a new life for the families of those suffering, who find comfort and support in the reliable and expert guidance the community and its volunteers offer.

It is a commitment towards building a better society, thanks to numerous projects designed to prevent drug abuse. In its search for the common good, San Patrignano is open towards the outside world with specific activities in schools, international study events, special wide-ranging programmes and constantly battles against addiction.

Thank you for your hospitality and support, may the best pitcher win!

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