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Sayeda Ferdous Ahmed: "To sustain an organization no matter how big or small it is"

Interview to Sayeda Ferdous Ahmed, the founder of the nonprofit organization based in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Tell us about JVF Bangladesh and how did it all start?

Justice Vision Foundation- JVF, is a registered non-government charitable organization

operating on the urban and rural area of Bangladesh.

We are an operational non-profit organization, meaning we plan and carry out boots-on-the-ground projects to accomplish our objectives that we set for, and this requires a great deal of careful planning, communication, and local involvement for each of our project that we decide to run out.

What problem are you tackling with your NGO in your country?

Problems that JVF is trying to solve: Underprivileged people both in rural and urban areas are always deprived of all development project and their basic needs always go unmet. So, it seems that they intentionally or unintentionally neglect the basic health care needs which they think is a kind of luxury for them.

As a result, the problem could be cured at the primary level that becomes a major issue for them. So, by creating awareness and providing primary health services towards the underprivileged society will not only facilitate in improving their health and mind.

But will also help them in the betterment of the entire family and society. As we know to gain wealth, to remain healthy is one of the most important factors and thereby we are working on it. However, this project aims at tapping the vulnerable community by providing free healthcare services, investment, or awareness on primary health and related issues i.e. women sanitation and others.

Considering the socio-cultural as well as the financial needs of the underprivileged people

of both rural and urban areas, and our proposed project is socially and economically feasible, viable, and environmentally sound.

We are working in this area for the last two years under the umbrella of JVF’s Health Initiative

Program is to ensure health facilities towards vulnerable people of our society. Over a few

decades, we are striving to aware of the illiterate and poverty-stricken people of our country but it remains a bit tough to maintain the ratio in a fast-growing population country which is one of the major causes of poverty.

Who are the beneficiaries of your mission & programs?

can you tell a story about one person among your beneficiaries? how did you see your program was effective for him/her/them?

The project will engage a diverse and wide range of underprivileged people, refugees,

knowledge changers, human rights defenders, new voluntary organization, and —NGOs and

civil society, rights groups, women’s organizations, consumer groups, media organizations,

industry organizations, lawyers' associations, youth activists, professional bodies etc., during the project cycle to build an effective network to carry forward the activities and demands for

promoting and upholding rights to privacy and Internet freedom.

What achievements are you the more proud of? and what

future achievement are you aiming at?

Being able to help the people in need mostly to those who are vulnerable and are seeking for an aid. Our future achievement is to go for further heights to make our organization helpful to everyone who are in need of legal, education, health and who would want to prevent child marriage.

Describe the profile of one of your current volunteers or donors supporting you. How do you recruit new volunteers?

Faisal Ahmed a student of University of Liberty Arts Bangladesh and currently pursuing his

internship at “Center for Critical and Qualitative Studies (CQS)”, has been a volunteer of JVF for quite a while now. Providing his insight and aid in order to help the organization.

We tend to recruit volunteers by creating a post at our Facebook official page, narrow down the list to our suitable measures and welcome anyone and everyone who has a keen interest to provide aid to vulnerable people.

Is there any particular memory/moment that stands out and

that you keep in your heart?

There are a lot of memories that have been stored in my heart from the initial start of the

organization, but if I had to choose it would be when our organization prevented a child marriage from happening, the user at the other end called upon at the middle of the night to shower her gratitude for helping her out when no one was there to hear her out.

Thank you for your commitment and hard work. We are very happy to have you as our partner

How to get involved?

download the Uyolo APP and support JVF

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