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Children as champions of climate change

Aggiornamento: 5 nov 2018

Facts speak loud and clear: action is needed to tackle climate change. What better way to take action that to educate children on how to be the difference?

In July 2018, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation set out to meet an ambitious challenge: to beat the “Guinness World Records postcards challenge” as a way to mobilize youth all over the world on Climate Change.

By collaborating with partners all over the world, the Swiss Agency aims to engage children and youth to produce up to 100,000 postcards to be exposed on the Aletsch glacier in Switzerland and show casing the following message:

We are the future Give us a chance Stop global warming 1.5°C

Uyolo proudly contributes to the Guinness World Records challenge

Through our partnership with BLI Investments, Uyolo has proudly contributed to helping reach schools in Sub-Saharan Africa, by introducing BLI and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation to the certified non-profit organizations that are part of the Uyolo Community, in particular: Green Peace Foundation and Tengeneza Generation in Tanzania; Media for Community Change in Nigeria and Under the Same Sky in Somalia.

The children and youth participating in the project were able to learn about Climate Change and how to fight against about it. The children then drew pictures of how they aim to tackle climate change in their daily life. See below some of the beautiful art and ideas that was produced!

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