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Through the Uyolo App and our events, we create opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, to join forces, and share ideas, resources and tools to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda.





Uyolo's Changemakers

Who is A Changemaker?

Changemakers are those who care for others and engage in making a difference every day. It can be a smile, a small act of kindness or a donation. 
We are all change makers in our own way.

The Global

Ambassador Program

Every day, we have the chance to make a difference. However, we know it is difficult to do so alone. Joining the Uyolo Global Ambassador Program to join forces with changemakers around the world!


Jii Sun

CEO Bloodman

Uyolo Ambassador in Bangladesh

Thanks for letting me know about the opportunity for being Ambassador for Uyolo. I found that we are working for the same goal for humanity as Uyolo and my activities match with non profit orgs work. I am interested to work and promote Uyolo!

Uyolo for NGOs


Why joining Uyolo?

We envision a world where caring means sharing.

By harnessing the power of social networks, we believe in raising awareness about social & environmental issues one post at a time.

Benefits of Uyolo to nonprofit organizations

Raise new funds



Founder Sparky Football India

We are delighted to associate with Uyolo and it's amazing team members. Thank you very much for believing in our work. Appreciate all your efforts and your initiative to support the work like ours across the world.

Find new donors, locally or abroad and partner

with responsible companies

Share your stories, work, and achievements

towards the Sustainable Development Goals

Recruit volunteers and Millenials who

share your causes 




Develop new partnerships


All non-profit organizations featured in the Uyolo App are selected and certified by our team after a thorough due diligence process (see below), to ensure transparency, accountability, and impact.

Our Certification

Process for Non-Profit Partners

At Uyolo, ensuring transparency of our non-profit partners and the impact of your donation is our key priority. For this reason, all non-profits featured in the App undergo a strict certification process.

Click here

to know the steps to partner with us!

Partner with us

to be featured in the App as a non-profit organization 

Discover our partners

Uyolo for Businesses



Companies are increasingly driven by a large number of stakeholders such as customers, investors and employees to operate responsibly. Indeed, it is required that they take an active role in the communities in which they operate in order to contribute to addressing global issues by sharing their financial, human, technical know-how, innovative technologies, and integrating sustainability into their operations and business strategy.


By joining the Uyolo community and promoting a culture of reporting and transparency, companies respond to these needs and improve their reputation, thanks to the possibility of showing their CSR activities (new projects, events and partnerships, results obtained...)

Partner with us

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We look forward to hearing from you!


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