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Are you a change maker wishing to make a difference as part of your daily life?

Are you a non-profit organization working hard to make a long-lasting change in your community?

Are you a business that believes in integrating sustainability issues into your core activities to ensure a better world for future generations?


Welcome in the Uyolo Community!

Through the Uyolo App and our events, we create opportunities for cross-sector collaboration, to join forces, and share ideas, resources and tools to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations as part of the 2030 Agenda.

All non-profit organizations featured in the Uyolo App are selected and certified by our team after a thorough due diligence process (see below), to ensure transparency, accountability, and impact.





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Sparky Football


We are delighted to associate with Uyolo and it's amazing team members. Thank you very much for believing in our work. Appreciate all your efforts and your initiative to support the work like ours across the world.


Ex Présidente

A Way for Children


’Thank you so much, we are very honored to be a part of your project ! I can't wait to say it to the team!’





'Thank you very much for this huge work. We are very happy and proud to be partner of Uyolo.'

Jii Sun 

CEO Bloodman

Uyolo Ambassador in Bangladesh

Thanks for letting me know about the opportunity for being Ambassador for Uyolo. I found that we are working for the same goal for humanity as Uyolo and my activities match with non profit orgs work. I am interested to work and promote Uyolo!



Uyolo Ambassador in


What I love about Uyolo is the fact that It allows me to support the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN, support social and environmental impact projects and meet like-minded people




Uyolo Ambassador in


 I believe that I can present Uyolo in my region, Jordan because of my ability to contact and reaching people.  Expanding the influence of Uyolo in Jordan will serve Uyolo in accomplishing the SDGs since Jordan is sharing borders with Iraq, Syria, Israel, Palestine. And that is important to me and to the region as well.


Un Chemin Pour Les Enfants logo- Uyolo P

Schooling of children in the slums of Manilla,


SDG 1,3,4


Helping the survival of specific endangered species (Bornean Pygmy Elephant, Proboscis Monkey, and Orangutan).


SDG 13, 15, 17

Cambodian Rural Development Team - Uyolo

Sustainably improving food security, incomes and living standards of rural communities throughout


SDG 1, 6, 8

New Beginnings India - Uyolo Partner.png

Promoting social, economic and environmental rights especially for women and youngsters.


SDG 1, 4, 5

Breaking the cycle of illiteracy, preventing child marriage, working for the missing people, ensuring health facility and providing legal service for all. 


SDG 1, 3, 4

Sparky Football - Uyolo Partner.png

 Engaging, Educating and Empowering underprivileged children using football.


SDG 3, 4, 8

Child Helpline Cambodia - Uyolo Partner.

Promoting child rights and build opportunities for the protection of the children and youth.


SDDG 5. 8, 16


Providing training in agriculture, employment generation, hygiene and health prevention. 


SDG 1, 3, 4


AIDA Mondobimbi Vento - Uyolo

Developing and implementing international cooperation projects in favor of the disadvantaged populations.


SDG 4, 6, 13

AIV - Uyolo Partner.png

 Designing products that fit the communities’ needs in developing countries..


SDG 1, 6, 7

Global Learning for Sustainability - Uyo

Supporting youth especially young women to solve common global challenges.


SDG 4, 5, 13

NOPED Kenya - Uyolo Partner.png

Empowering communities through programs in Education, Climate change, Peace, Agribusiness and Energy.


SDG 7, 4, 6

Lagos Food Bank Initiative - Uyolo partn

Fighting hunger, reducing food waste and offering relief services through our food banking network across Lagos.


SDG 1, 2, 3

Media Community for Change- Uyolo Partne

 Connecting the dispersed tribe of non-governmental organizations that are striving with the local communities to build a better world. 


SDG 1, 4, 17

ONG Page Verte - Uyolo Partner.jpg

Developing sustainable programs in schools.


SDG 4, 6, 11, 13

Tatu Project- Uyolo Partner.png

Contributing to an equitable sustainable development together with the community of Msitu wa Tembo y Londoto, north of TANZANIA

SDG 3 ,5, 6

Tengenza Generation - Uyolo Partner.png

Engaging youths in sustainable development programs.


SDG 4, 13, 17

Under The Same Sky- Uyolo Partner.png

Allowing access, for every child, to the right of studying


SDG 4, 3, 17


Millennim Institute -Uyolo Partner.png

Supporting countries to develop effective strategies that lead to measurable advances in the welfare of society.


SDG 2, 9, 17


AYYA - Uyolo Partner.jpg

 Participating in a new reference of a culture of ecology, fostering balanced links between humans and non-humans.


SDG 11, 13, 15

ChangeMakersON- Uyolo Partner.png

Bringing global change through learning and accelerating entrepreneurship to end global poverty and protect the planet.


SDG 4, 8, 17

Passport for Education.png

Promoting the access and quality of education for children in South Asian countries. (school supplies, stationery, grant bursaries, educational infrastructure).


SDG 4, 5, 10

Porco Rosso - Uyolo Partner.PNG

Assisting migrants, asylum seekers and refugees in accessing legal advice, health services, housing and other practical needs.


SDG 10, 1, 16

Promoting community resilience through the development of personal skills, social inclusion, intercultural learning, sustainable territorial development and the creation of social ties.


SDG 10, 11, 16

Vostok SOS - Uyolo Partner.png

Providing comprehensive assistance to internally displaced persons (IDPs) and people affected by the war. Promoting democratic values and human rights in the state.


SDG 11, 2, 16

Wings of the Ocean - Uyolo partner.png

Cleaning the ocean from waste and creating awareness about the consequences of the plastic waste.


SDG 12, 14, 15

Our Certification

Process for Non-Profit Partners

At Uyolo, ensuring transparency of our non-profit partners and the impact of your donation is our key priority. For this reason, all non-profits featured in the App undergo a strict certification process.

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The Global



Every day, we have the chance to make a difference. However, we know it is

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