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Our Story

Uyolo idea was born a few years back following a stay in South Africa by one of our founders.


During her studies in Cooperation for Sustainable Development, Alessandra was confronted for the first time with a social context still marked by strong inequalities, and the tireless work of some local authorities  that struggled every day to make a difference


How many of us would like to help, leaving a positive mark but don't know from

where to start or whom to trust?

From this desire to empower civil society, Uyolo was born, a social network for social and environmental impact where you can get information, compare, and have fun, changing the world!

Our Mission

Our mission is to inspire and empower

youths and brands to take action.


Our Vision

We envision a world where

Caring means Sharing.

"Uyolo" means "happiness" in Xhosa, the South African language spoken by Nelson Mandela.

For us, a happy world is a fair world, where the rights of people and the planet are the center of the choices we make,  every day.

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Our Mission

Alessandra Gargiulo



CEO & Business Development

Alessandra is an International Development graduate with experience in the nonprofit and CSR sectors, working as Climate Change and Sustainability Consultant in Milan.

She decided to create Uyolo while working in South Africa, where she witnessed the need to build stronger cross-sector partnerships in order to achieve sustainable results.

Today, she leads the strategic development of Uyolo.

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Yetoe Menye Akakpo Guetou



Marketing & Communications

Yetoe has been working for years in the fields of Communications and Public Relations, and is currently specializing in Digital Marketing through the Formaper Academy.

Originally from Togo, Yetoe sees in Uyolo a revolutionary tool that will change the way people interact with and empower each other across borders, while contributing to improving the life of those in need.

At Uyolo, Yetoe is in charge of communications and digital marketing.

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Audrey Touboulic



UX Design & Partnerships

Currently living in Asia, Audrey graduated in Anthropology from EHESS Paris and holds an Interaction Design certification from Uni. of California San Diego.

She believes in leveraging the private sector, the power of youth and new technology to support the UN Goals.

At Uyolo, she leads the UX strategy of the Uyolo app as well as the due diligence process to develop partnerships with high-impact social organizations.

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We need your help today!

Our structure

Uyolo is a purpose-led initiative composed of two legal entities:


The Uyolo Fund is a non-profit organization based in Paris, France, with the goal of raising awareness on the global challenges we are facing today by facilitating the access to, and the sharing of, information on social, humanitarian and environmental issues. In particular, the Uyolo Fund carries out a thorough due diligence process on all non-profit organizations featured in the Uyolo App, to ensure transparency and impact.

Uyolo s.r.l is an innovative startup based in Milan, Italy. Its goal is to develop, produce and commercialize innovative products and services with high technological value, within the fields of philanthropy, volunteering and social entrepreneurship. In particular, Uyolo s.r.l is the mind behind the Uyolo App.

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